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Factors to consider when buying Tvs in Kenya

It’s natural to wonder how much a new television would set you back in Kenya in the year 2023. With so many options, it might not be easy to know what to expect. The price for TVs in Kenya can be affected by information on typical costs in the country, split down by screen size, resolution, and manufacturer.

The cost of a television in Kenya depends, in part, on its screen size. Popular sizes range from 32 to 65 inches. Normally, the price of a 32-inch TV starts from Ksh 11,000 to Ksh 25,000, while a 65-inch TV might go for more than Ksh 65,000.

A television’s price may also be affected by its resolution. Both 1080p and 4K are quite common in Kenya. The price range for a 32-inch 1080p TV is Ksh 13,000–25,000, while the same size in 4K is Ksh 20,000–35,000.

The price of a television may also vary depending on the manufacturer. Samsung, LG, Sony, and Hisense are among the most well-known brands in Kenya. While the cost of a Hisense or Sony television might range from Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 200,000, the cost of a Samsung or LG television can range from Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 150,000.

TVs with smart features, such as the ability to connect to the internet and stream video, are more costly than standard Televisions without such features. Prices for smart TVs in Kenya range from about Ksh 13,000 for a 32-inch model to over Ksh 65,000 for a 65-inch model.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can acquire a decent TV in Kenya. Vitron, Vision, Royal, Syinix, and TCL provide 32-inch and 55-inch TVs, with the former starting at Ksh 10,000 and the latter at Ksh 45,000.

Overall, the cost of a TV in Kenya depends on a number of factors, including its screen size, resolution, brand name, and smart functionality. Get the best TV for your money by first figuring out your demands and spending limit, and then researching several brands and models. You will be able to buy a TV with confidence after reading our advice and from us at Patanabeipoa, and you can start watching it right away.


How much does 19 inch tv cost in Kenya

The cheapest 19 inch tv cost in Kenya starts from Ksh 6,500

How much does A 22 inch TV Cost in Kneya

The current price of 22 inch Tv in Kenya is Ksh 7,500 at Patanabeipoa

How much does a 24 inch tv cost in Kenya

The latest offer for 24 inch tv in Kenya is Ksh 9,500  at Patanabeipoa

How Much does a 32 inch tv cost in Kenya

The cheapest 32 digital tv is Ksh 10,999 while smart android  32 inch goes for Ksh 12,999 at Patanabeipoa.

How much does a 43 inch tv cost in Kenya

The price of 43 inch smart android starts at Ksh 22,999 at Patanabeipoa

How much does a 50 inch tv cost in Kenya

The most afforddable 50 inch Tv is Vitron 50 inch smart android which is available for 32,999 at Patanabeipoa.

How much does a 55 inch Tv cost in Kenya

The best selling cheapest 55 inch is Vision 55 at 44,999 at Patanabeipoa.

How much does a 65 inch tv cost in Kenya

The cheapest 65 inch 4k android Tv is vitron 65 inch available at patanabeipoa for Ksh 66,999

How much does a 75 inch tv cost in Kenya

The cheapest 4k Vidaa TV is vitron 75 inch which is available for Ksh 105,000 at Patanabeipoa.

Cheapest Tv prices in Kenya

The cheapest Tv prices in Kenya starts from Ksh 6,500 at Patanabeipoa

19 inch CTC TvKsh 6,499
22 inch Amtec TvKsh 7,500
32 inch Sonar TvKsh 10.999
43 inch Vitron TvKsh 22,999
50 inch Vitron TvKsh 33,999
55 Inch Vision TvKsh 43,999
65 inch Vitron TvKsh 66,999


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